Abigail Spencer’s Leaked Masturbation Videos

Abigail Spencer’s Leaked Masturbation Videos

For today’s “Throwback Thursday” we look back on what was probably one of the most degenerate celebrity leaks of all time in “Rectify” and “True Detective Season 2” star Abigail Spencer’s masturbation videos from “The Fappening”.

As you can see in the first video below, Abigail certainly enjoys filming herself flicking the bean and her nip while in her hotel room. Of course this shameful display never would of happened if Abigail would of had a cliterectomy like a proper woman, but alas the Western world is still woefully behind the times when get comes to repressing blasphemous female sexual urges.

Proving this point further Abigail films herself again caressing her unshorn sin button in the video below which she stupidly filmed vertically.

Clearly Abigail Spencer is one lecherous whore who’s moist cock cave is constantly aching for attention. It is just too bad for her that she is unworthy of receiving a holy Muslim banging, for our enormous meat hoses would surely quench her fiery loins.

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