Alexandra Daddario Poses Nude In Vanity Fair

Alexandra Daddario Poses Nude In Vanity Fair

Actress Alexandra Daddario poses nude for the May 2014 issue of the famous infidel porno magazine Vanity Fair.

Of course Alexandra Daddario made a name for herself earlier this year by stripping naked while playing a homewrecking whore on the hit HBO TV series “True Dectective”, so it should come as no surprise that she is continuing to use her sinfully feminine nude body to garner attention.

However, what really concerns us pious Muslims is the sicko at Vanity Fair who took this photo. What kind of a perverse drug-addled mind comes up with posing a naked woman in 6-inch black heels in a swimming pool?

Talk about life imitating art! The person who took this Alexandra Daddario nude photo is no doubt part of some Satanic pedophilia serial killing ring, operating with impunity in the backwoods of Louisiana.

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