Ariana Grande Feminist Sex Video

Ariana Grande appears to have just released the powerful feminist sex video above.

The message Ariana Grande is trying to convey in this sex video is quite clear… No matter how much a Western woman may dress and act like a degenerate whore she is “not asking for it”… for the sex is always implied. So do not waste valuable time seeking her permission to violently penetrate her orifices, as she will only grow impatient and annoyed.

Ariana is making an important point in this video, and it is one that I personally try to impart to every brave Muslim crusader refugee heading off to Europe. If you see a woman that you fancy (whether that be Ariana Grande or someone actually attractive) simply grab her and take her. For there is nothing these women desire more than to be roughly banged by a real masculine man who isn’t afraid to go after what he wants. Besides the infidel males are all effeminate cuckolds, and they wouldn’t dare try and stop you.

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