Demi Lovato Is Damaged Goods

Demi Lovato Is Damaged Goods

Well this is another “I told you so” article for Celeb Jihad. For over a year now we have been warning the public that Demi Lovato is clinically insane and a danger to the dim-witted children who see her as a role model. Click here for 5 pages of articles methodically chronically Demi Lovato’s psychosis.

Yesterday Demi Lovato checked herself into a nut house to deal with “physical and emotional issues” at the tender age of 18 years old. Now we don’t want to speculate on what those issues are, but since we are the authority on Demi Lovato’s craziness it is our obligation to do so. If I had to guess I’d say Demi Lovato’s issues are probably a combination of the following; eating her own feces, cutting, and lesbian nymphomania.

Of course now that Demi Lovato has entered the Zionist controlled mental health industry there is little hope for her. Really her only chance at a normal life is for a strong Muslim man to purchase her for his harem.

Though Demi Lovato still needs to lose 20lbs she is so f*cked in the head, that she is probably amazing in bed. I imagine a girl like Demi Lovato with that many self-esteem issues would be down for pretty much anything in the sack, and last time I checked the Qur’an says nothing against taking a dump on a woman’s chest or peeing in her butt.

Since Demi Lovato is damaged goods she should be a deal for a frugal Shek looking to score some kinky Disney ass, but who can not afford Miley Cyrus. Let us pray that Demi Lovato finds salvation in the Muslim sex trade industry. Allahu Akbar!

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