Emma Watson Dumps Zionist Pig Boyfriend

Emma Watson Dumps Zionist Pig Boyfriend

Emma Watson has finally wised up and dumped her long time boyfriend 28-year-old financier Jew Jay Barrymore.

Emma’s split with Jay comes just days after Israel announced the expansion of settlements in the West Bank. Coincidence? I think not!

Emma Watson has obviously finally seen the truth about the Zionist cabal that is hell bent on ruling the world and enslaving humanity. She must have realized that they were just using her for her looks, and would have most certainly sacrificed her to their Gods and harvested her organs for profit.

Now Emma will no doubt want to be an obedient Muslim wife to a freedom fighting Jihadist. Of course the obvious match for her is noted terrorist Raheim Abdullah Jafer, but I could just as easily see her settling down with someone like Sheik Muhammed Karsal Muswali.

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