Exclusive: Is Yogi Berra Madonna’s New Bat Boy?

Exclusive: Is Yogi Berra Madonna’s New Bat Boy?Our sources are claiming that Madonna’s seven-year marriage to Guy Ritchie has stalled out – and the singer has been hosting late-night visits from former New York Yankee Yogi Berra at her Central Park West apartment in New York City.

A source tells CelebJihad.com that Berra, 83, has made numerous solo nighttime visits to Madonna, 49, at her spacious home and would sneak out “as late as 8:00 pm.” Says the source, “All the doormen are talking.”

Berra attended Madonna’s April 30 NYC concert; the singer sat in his seats during a recent earlier-bird prime rib dinner at a New Jersey Elks Lodge.

When questioned about the affair, Yogi did not shy away from reporters, but instead responded with a few of his trademarked Yogiisms.

When asked by CelebJihad if it was hard for an 83-year-old man to maintain an erection with a haggard 49-year-old whore, Yogi replied, “Ninety percent of this game is half mental.”

Added Berra, “It ain’t over ‘till it’s all over her face.”

Berra was also candid when it came to dishing out details of the affair. According to Berra, while the two were recently making love, Madonna commented, “I think you‘re in the wrong hole,” to which Yogi wittily retorted, “Yeah, but I’m making great time,” followed by, “now shut up you ugly shrew; I pay you cash for this, which is just as good as money.”

Madonna’s rep, Liz Rosenberg, was not available for comment.

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