Gal Gadot AI Generated Sex Tape Video Part 2

Earlier this month we debuted the first ever Gal Gadot sex tape generated using advanced artificial intelligence face swapping technology. The Gal Gadot sex tape video above is the exciting continuation of that groundbreaking film.

As computer processing power and AI technology continue to advance it will soon be impossible to distinguish between the real videos of Gal Gadot getting her Zionist sin holes slammed and the ones created using computers. Of course us brilliant Muslim minds will remain at the forefront of these scientific developments, for it is our duty to expose the sickening degenerate nature of Hollywood harlots like Gal.

Yes rest assured that this is just the beginning, and we will continue to produce these innovative sex films with even more of heathen Hollywood’s biggest stars. In fact, someday we may put out a full-length feature film with an ensemble cast of A-listers all sucking, licking, and fucking each other in a massive orgy (sort of like those “Avengers” movies).

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