Hansika Motwani Nude Video Leaked

Busty Bollywood star Hansika Motwani appears to have just leaked the shocking nude hidden camera video above online.

Of course what is so shocking about this video is not that Hansika would film herself naked taking a shit and showering, but rather that an Indian person actually knows how to use indoor plumbing and doesn’t just poop out in the middle of the street or in the Ganges.

Hansika Motwani Nude Video Leaked

Unfortunately for Hansika if she thinks she can escape holy Sharia justice just because us pious Muslims love nothing more than watching a woman squat and strain on a toilet, then she is going to be in for a rude awakening. For the holy Qur’an is very clear that a woman must cover her blasphemous body behind a burka at all times, and that certainly includes while she is in the bathroom.

Although with that said, Hansika Motwani’s massive mammaries are certainly a sight to behold. In fact, Allah himself appears to send a gust of wind to take a peek in the video clip above.

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