Jennifer Aniston Stripper Scenes From ‘We’re The Millers’

In what is perhaps one of the worst portrayals ever of a stripper, barren old whore Jennifer Aniston flails her decript weathered body around in her underwear in these scenes from the film “We’re The Millers”.

Only in the depraved West would men pay to see a dilapidated skank like Jennier Aniston strip off her clothes and jiggle her cellulite. Truly there is nothing even remotely erotic or seductive about the way Jennier Aniston looks or moves in this video.

If the men in the West had any taste they’d come to a Muslim strip club and watch the bacha bazi (dancing boys) like in the video below. Now these are some alluring dance moves, and this boy is much more feminine then menopausal Jen Aniston.

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