Jennifer Lawrence Facial Sex Video Leaked

The video above just leaked to the Web, and it appears to feature a young Jennifer Lawrence getting indoctrinated into the ways of heathen Hollywood, as she takes a big black negro’s AIDS infested ball juice all over her slutty face.

Of course this sort of degenerate behavior is quite common among Hollywood A-listers like Jennifer Lawrence, as the slave quarters of their vast Malibu estates are said to feature extensive collections of dirt skin bull males to satiate their perverse sexual desires.

Luckily for Jennifer Lawrence after the collapse of Libya and the death of the apostate Gaddafi there is a boom in the North African slave trade right now, as us business savvy Muslims are selling off freshly captured large West African bucks for dirt cheap prices. In fact, my cousin Areez guarantees that for just a few hundred dinars he could stock her stable, and have Jennifer drowning in Sub-Saharan semen by next week.

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