Jessica Biel Washes Her Toes

Jessica Biel Washes Her Toes

Celebrities are all hopeless nitwits. For example look at this picture of Jessica Biel washing her toes. She is doing it all wrong!

First Jessica you do not need to be topless to wash you toes. You just need to remove your shoes and any socks you may or may not be wearing. Your full beautiful breasts have nothing to do with toe washing!

Next Jessica you do not have to climb into a sink to wash your toes. You can simply bend over or crouch down in the shower to clean them, or better yet if you are taking a bath you can just bend your knees and reach them. How stupid is this girl to climb into a sink? I mean come on!

Jessica Biel, like all celebrities, is a mentally challenged f*cktard who has no place in decent society. Someone should strap a helmet on her and confine her to a padded room, so she can not harm herself or others.

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