Justin Bieber Shows Her Breasts

Justin Bieber Shows Her Breasts

Pop diva Justin Bieber was photographed on a beach flaunting her developing teen breasts.

Not to pick on a underage girl like Justin Bieber, but she really should not be showing that flat bird chest of hers. Frankly, Justin Bieber’s chest makes her look like an underdeveloped teenage boy!

I know Justin has a lot of hormones coursing through her teenage veins right now, and running around in public with your titties out is considered “cool” by this generation. However, she should at least wait until she actually has something to show before frolicking around topless with that weird football shaped purse packed feminine hygiene products.

Justin Bieber should take my advice and keep those boobies hidden away for now. She does not want to face the embarrassment and stigma associated with being labeled by her classmates, President of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee.

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