Kate Upton Defeats Alexandra Daddario In Epic Boob Battle

Kate Upton convincingly defeats Alexandra Daddario in an epic boob battle in the video clip above from the movie “The Layover”.

With our extremely well-stocked harems us virile Muslim cocksmen are no strangers to the rivalries of whores, as there are often heated competitions over who can tongue polish our massive meat scuds the best. So it is not at all surprising to see that when two big tittied sows like Kate Upton and Alexandra Daddario get cast in the same film they would try to out flaunt each other’s sinful breast meat like this.

Of course when it comes to massive mammaries Alexandra Daddario is no match for a thoroughbred milk maid of a woman like Kate Upton. So Alexandra had to take solace in having the fitter overall body and showing it off in the bikini scene above.

However as a consolation after taking the L against Kate, Alexandra Daddario did bounce back and thoroughly trounce Heather Graham in the fully topless battle in the video above.

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