Kristen Stewart Interracial Sex Scene

In the video above Kristen Stewart engages in a graphic nude interracial sex scene from her new “Blade” meets “Twilight” spin-off film tentatively titled “Breaking Black”.

Kristen Stewart has a long and sorted sexual past in which she has been romantically linked to homoqueers, married men, and even lesbodykes. However, even with all of her degenerate sexcapades Kristen had never been with a black man until now, which is surprising considering interracial relationships are something of a right of passage among whores in liberal heathen Hollywood nowadays.

Now that Kristen has been inducted into the coal burners club she will no doubt start wearing big hoop earrings and get fried chicken grease injected into her ass cheeks to make them abnormally large. Of course there is much more to being a mudshark than just their grotesque trashy outward appearance, as Kristen will also have to prepare for single motherhood and having to take NRTIs (HIV meds).

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