Kristen Stewart Replaced For Final Twilight Movie

Shocking news coming out of Hollywood today, Kristen Stewart the star of the Twilight movie saga, has been replaced for the final film “Breaking Dawn Part 2”.

Kristen Stewart drew the ire of Twilight fans early on in the series due to her obvious lack of acting talent, so it is no great surprise that producers have decided to go with a more seasoned actor, martial arts expert and Chinaman Jackie Chan, to take over the role of Bella in the final Twilight film.

As you can see in the photos below, production has already begun on “Breaking Dawn Part 2” with Jackie Chan as Bella. From these stills one can already tell that the sexual chemistry between the vampire Edward and Bella has increased ten fold.

No doubt this new vision of the Bella character is more in line with what Twilight author Stephenie Meyer had imagined, and will make Twihards everywhere positively giddy.

Kristen Stewart Replaced For Final Twilight Movie

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