Lady Gaga Finally Comes Out As A Man

Lady Gaga Finally Comes Out As A Man

It has been almost a year since Lady Gaga accidentally showed his penis on stage during one of his concerts, and still his legions of fans have refused to accept the obvious fact that Lady Gaga is a man.

However it appears as though Lady Gaga is now finally coming clean about his sex. Lady Gaga just released this picture proving once and for all that he is a (possibly Jewish) man.

This should come as no surprise to the casual observer. Lady Gaga has all the signs of a big time tranny. He is ugly, he likes to dress up in ridiculous outfits for attention, and he loves to perform. Talk about perpetuating a stereotype!

I for one congratulate Mr Gaga for finally having the courage to admit to what he really is. Of course what Lady Gaga really is, is an abomination to nature, and Allah will surely be issuing a swift and terrible punishment.

But it takes a real man to admit when they have been wrong and take their medicine, and Lady Gaga is definitely a real man.

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