Lucy Liu Nude Scene From “City of Industry”

Lucy Liu shows off her tiny yellow titties while dancing topless as a stripper in the nude scene above from the film “City of Industry”.

After this film bombed causing her career in heathen Hollywood to tank Lucy Liu was forced to take up residence back in her home nation of North Korea, and she is now serving as one of the concubines for its cranky Chinese leader Kim Jong Un.

After seeing this nude video of Lucy flaunting her rice paddies it is easy to see why Kim is in such a foul mood and is frustratingly throwing rockets around, for if Lucy is the best slanted snatch he can get his micro egg roll into he is truly in a desperate situation. Unfortunately for Kim Jong Un his options are severely limited, for most of the women in his country stink like warm shit, pickled cabbage, and barbecued dog meat. And with the US imposing strict sanctions against him, his prospects of importing whores to replace Lucy Liu with look bleak.

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