Maria Menounos Shows Off Her Boobs On Snapchat

Greek whore and TV host of “Entertainment Tonight”, “Access Hollywood”, and “Extra”, Maria Menounos pulls down her top and shows off her boobs in the Snapchat video above.

Since Maria is such a prestigious celebrity news journalist it is not at all surprising to see that (despite being an elderly 37-year-old) she is still hip to current trends, and knows that whoring her cleavage on Snapchat is were it is at right now in the fast paced world of social media slutery.

Of course as a Greek woman Maria Menounos is almost certainly prostituting her tits on Snapchat in the hope of earning a few extra drachma to pay off her debts. Unfortunately for Maria us Muslims have already purchased all the desirable women from Greece for our harems years ago when their financial crisis was just getting going, and are no longer in the market. Any women left on the island now are simply trash for our poor immigrant brothers to rape as they make their way into the heart of Europe.

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