Mila Kunis Deleted Sex Scenes From “That 70’s Show”

Mila Kunis’ big break in heathen Hollywood came when she was cast to star as a sass mouthed teenage whore on the hit Fox TV series “That 70’s Show”.

In keeping with the era in which it was portraying, “That 70’s Show” was supposed to feature scenes of graphic bareback sex between the “free loving” Jezebels and the shaggy haired manlets. As you can see in this deleted sex scenes music video, Mila Kunis especially got taken to Pound Town while on the set.

However, predictably Fox chickened out of showing hardcore pornography during their prime time lineup (as even today that is still a good 5 years off from becoming a reality on network television), and instead much like the weed smoking on the show only implied all the sex Mila was having. Of course us righteous Muslims will still you use real stones and not imply anything during her inevitable lapidation.

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