Nina Agdal Thong Bikini Video For America

Supermodel Nina Agdal shows off her tight round ass in a thong bikini for America in the video above from the 4th of July.

Nina is completely wasting her time flaunting her booty cheeks in this thong to the depraved American infidels, as recent studies out of Tehran have shown that 97% of American males are flaming homoqueers. The only thing Nina’s taut ass is going to do is make these degenerate Yankee doodle dandies jealous that their own gaping rectums are so pounded out that it whistles “God Bless America” when they walk.

If Nina wants her ass appreciated then she should try making a video pandering to the great Islamic nation of Saudi Arabia. Of course she will have to make some changes to her presentation by putting on a burka and performing manual labor. However, Nina is much more likely to get the vigorous butt banging she so clearly desires once she has titillated us virile Muslim men with a couple nice scenes of her shapely rump pulling a plow through the hot desert sands.

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