Nina Agdal Wearing An Ill-Fitting Bra GIF

Nina Agdal Wearing An Ill-Fitting Bra GIF

Model Nina Agdal puts on an ill-fiiting bra in the animated GIF above.

Nina Agdal appears to have the same body as the average Muslim woman. Of course our Musliminas don’t have the same problem finding bras that fit as they duct tape down their bosom, so as not to offend us men with their sinful bulbous mammaries.

Like always Nina Agdal would be wise to take a lesson from the civilized Islamic world and strap her titties down. Not only would she not have to worry about proper fitting bras, but she’d also be much less likely to be stoned to death by a righteous Muslim overcome with rage at the sight of her brazen feminine sexuality.

Thus taking a load off her chest would certainly take a load off her mind.

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