Olivia Wilde Strips Naked For A Sheikh

Olivia Wilde Strips Naked For A Sheikh

Actress Olivia Wilde strips naked in the home of a powerful Muslim Sheikh in the photo above.

It is clear from the opulent setting of this photo that Olivia Wilde is in the palatial bedroom of a Sheikh who purchased her for his sexual pleasure. This is a common practice among the price conscious Muslim elite, as most actresses in heathen Hollywood can be bought for much cheaper and require less care then even a mediocre goat or camel.

No doubt at the point when this photo was taken the Sheikh had ordered Olivia to slowly strip off those tiny panties for him, so that they can begin their intense erotic relationship and she may experience the unimaginable pleasure of being intimate with a Muslim man.

The Sheikh will then disrobe himself and begin to whip Olivia’s midsection and buttocks with some stiff Nile reeds while calling her a vile whore and temptress. When Olivia finally can not stand any more lashings and collapses sobbing on the floor, the Sheikh will give her a few swift kicks to the ribs before rubbing out a load of his nut juice onto the back of her head. A most sensual and satisfying sexual experience for all involved.

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