Pippa Middleton Topless Photo Shocks The World

Pippa Middleton Topless Photo Shocks The World

The United Kingdom fell into a collective swoon and had to lay down on their fainting couches with their powdered white wigs knocked ajar, upon the release of the scandalous Pippa Middleton topless photo above.

Pippa Middleton is the sister of newly crowned Princess Kate Middleton, the future Queen of England. Now we here at Celeb Jihad tried to warn the royal family repeatedly that the Middletons were white trash, but they refused to heed our warnings.

This scandal of Pippa Middleton showing her perk English titties, is just the start. I fully expect these Middleton sisters to continue to bring shame upon the royal family, until the Queen is forced to arrange another high speed car chase through a Paris tunnel.

Let us hope she makes that decision sooner rather than later. Allahu Akbar!

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