Rihanna Nude Shower Scene From “Bates Motel”

Rihanna shows off her blurry black titties in this nude shower scene from the TV series “Bates Motel”.

Only a moronic infidel would just stand there beating his meat while watching Rihanna undress when he could have easily slid his tiny perker through the hole in the wall, and Rihanna would have gladly sucked him off. In fact, in this scene it appears as though Rihanna got so impatient while waiting for this effeminate leering pansy to come rape her in the shower that she shuts off the water in frustration saying, “screw this shit”.

Of course why anyone would bother creeping on a cheap piece of gutter trash like Rihanna nude in the shower is a mystery. Clearly the writers of this show didn’t realize that in exchange for a carton of menthol cigarettes and a half bucket of the Colonel’s extra crispy Rihanna will let any man (or woman) have their way with her diseased cavernous stink holes.

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