Rihanna X-Rated ‘Stay’ Music Video

Rihanna X-Rated ‘Stay’ Music Video

An X-rated version of Rihanna’s hit music video “Stay” appears to have just been released online.

As you can see in the video below, Rihanna wastes no time stripping naked and getting into a bathtub while reminiscing about the time her white master rocked her world by banging her like the whore that she is.

This new music video certainly better encapsulates the meaning of the song, as after seeing all of Rihanna’s depraved sex acts one can understand why this high-pitched male singing in the second verse is pleading for her to “stay” in that bath.

Of course no amount of bathing will wash off all the sin (or herpes) that Rihanna has acquired through the years. Purification can only come through a holy Muslim lapidation… not for Rihanna of course as she is doomed to burn in the eternal hellfire, but for society as a whole.

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