Scarlett Johansson Deleted “Avengers” Sex Scene

In the video above, Scarlett Johansson is forced to suck a dick during an interrogation in this graphic deleted sex scene from the latest “Avengers” movie.

Obviously the bigwigs over at Marvel Studios got cold feet about showing Scarlett Johansson’s character “Black Widow” forcibly getting her mouth fucked in their family friendly film. However, one can not help but feel that this sex scene was important for Black Widow’s story development, as it adds another much needed dimension (one of a cum swallowing slut) to her character.

For her part Scarlett Johansson obviously thought this scene was vital as well, for according to reports from the set Scarlett insisted on shooting it multiple times and from numerous angles. In fact, even after the director was more than confident that he had the shot Scarlett demanded that he keep filming her giving blowjobs. She even suggested that they do a few extra takes with her choking on the dick, and then polishing off a few black ones just for good measure.

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