Selena Gomez Is Dating Kim Kardashian

Selena Gomez Is Dating Kim Kardashian

Well it looks like Selena Gomez has dumped Leighton Meester and moved on to bigger game in the form of Kim Kardashian.

While Kim Kardashian’s usual taste is for black men, a Mexican girl like Selena Gomez with the right strap-on is the next best thing.

Selena Gomez already has a long list of ladies she has bedded (which we have extensively documented on this site). Selena probably sees Kim as the next great challenge in her illustrious career of lady banging. Kim is definitely a daunting task, but it is nothing some lube and a few jaw exercises can not overcome.

Yes I think it is painfully obvious from the picture above that Selena Gomez and Kim Kardashian are dating, and are extremely lustful for each others bodies. However, it appears as though unlike Selena and Demi Lovato, Selena and Kim’s relationship is not based on any emotional connection and is entirely physical. Oh the hedonist lifestyle these young slutty lesbians live.

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