This Just In: Kelly Clarkson Is Still Fat

This Just In: Kelly Clarkson Is Still Fat

Breaking news! Kelly Clarkson is still fat!

Celeb Jihad was first to report Kelly Clarkson was fat a few months ago. Now we are shocked to find that we are still right.

The picture above is a very recent picture of Kelly Clarkson. As you can see the singer is wandering around looking for salad dressing to pour into her “feeding bowl”. To the left an assistant hands Kelly her 2 o’clock bag of potato chips.

Many Kelly Clarkson apologists will unjustly attack me and say things that don’t make any sense like “she still looks good” and “she’s not fat”. To them I present the following before and after photo.

This Just In: Kelly Clarkson Is Still Fat

Now tell me Kelly hasn’t become Fattie McFatso!

Actually we have pinpointed the exact moment Kelly went from being “chunky” into full on lard ass here.

This Just In: Kelly Clarkson Is Still Fat

Notice how she dislocates her jaw like a python so she can swallow the hot dog faster.

It is a shame that Kelly Clarkson has gotten so fat, because she is a good singer. Now no one will listen to her music. There is nothing the American public hates more than celebrities that look like, well, average Americans.

Americans only like celebrities that make them feel inferior and physically inadequate, so they have someone to look up to and emulate. It is pretty pathetic actually.

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