Victoria Justice “Rocky Horror Picture Show” Boobs Preview

The video above is a preview of Victoria Justice’s boobs starring in FOX’s upcoming remake of the 1970’s cult classic film “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”.

In the film Victoria Justice plays “Janet Weiss” a straitlaced girl who is corrupted into becoming a tremendous whore when her car breaks down outside of the castle of a transsexual alien mad scientist who is intent on creating a buff Frankenstein to pound his faghole. Truly this storyline is a revealing glimpse into the degeneracy of the Western world, and could only come from the hopelessly depraved mind of an infidel.

Seeing Victoria Justice’s tits bouncing around while singing songs in a castle full of homoqueer freaks will certainly please the kuffar TV viewing masses, and that fact alone is why Islam will soon triumph over the West. For no society built on the nihilistic principles of hedonism can endure let alone compete against our spiritually and intellectually superior Muslim caliphates.

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